• WITTE supplies experience.

    Thousands of long pipes. And a true shortcut to real experience.

    Because we combine decades of knowledge with continuous training and education.

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  • WITTE supplies performance.

    What makes WITTE special? Flexible solutions of enduring quality.

    Because we combine product diversity with certified quality.

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  • WITTE supplies future.

    What we stand for? We do not stand still.

    Because we combine genuine passion with high innovative power.

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  • WITTE supplies customer proximity.

    We are the stainless steel distributor with soft skills in stock.

    Because we combine the toughest materials with respect and appreciation.

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  • WITTE supplies reliability.

    What we stand for? We say what we do – and will do what we say.

    Because we combine advisory expertise with a balanced partnership of equals.

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    product groups:
    from pipes to flanges to reducers.

    About Witte

    The Substance of Steel.
    And what’s behind it.

    After more than 40 years on the market, today we are one of the most renowned steel stock keepers for pipes, fittings and flanges – for good reasons.


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